The Holiday season is approaching us very quickly and it is time to start planning where you will host your holiday parties. When you think of hosting a holiday party you naturally think of having it at a restaurant or at a friends house. However, have you thought about having your holiday party at T.H.A.T.? It will be the best decision that you make for you and all of your guests to enjoy. There will be a plethora of memories created, photos taken, and new things to be discovered when you enter our doors. If you are still on the fence about hosting the HAPPIEST holiday party at T.H.A.T. here are ten reasons you should consider!


  1. We’re the HAPPIEST place in Pensacola, FL
  2. Capture the perfect holiday photos!
  3. Enjoy exclusive and memorable experiences
  4. All the hard work is done for you
  5. Enjoy what it is like to be VIP in the entire 8100 sq. ft.
  6. Support local and small business
  7. Catering and Alcohol options are available
  8. Stay dry-avoid inclement weather
  9. Pop-up exhibits are the latest trend in art culture
  10. Purchase unique gifts from our gift shop

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