How do you create a successful interactive pop-up experience? It all begins with an idea. Once you have that exceptional idea, you have to execute . That’s when you begin reaching out to the community and inviting them to join you on this remarkable journey. The owner, Gabrielle Herman, knew that in order to create an immaculate pop-up experience, she would have to successfully engage the Pensacola community. She began connecting with local artists and businesses to share in her vision, display their art, and introduce their wares in a unique way that would get more people acquainted with what this community has to offer.

“I’ve formed life-long friendships with the artists involved in this project,” Gabrielle has said. “The enthusiasm of the collaborating artists- who, when put in a room together, create a full-rainbow spectrum of varying styles and techniques- have all added their unique perception of what it means to spread happiness, live vibrantly, and laugh colorfully. It’s been inspiring to see so many different makers and creators share my passion for this project. It was so exciting to watch them all come up with their own interpretations of what The Happy Art Tour is.”

A Sneak Peek

The 8,000 square feet building will feature five interactive rooms created by extremely talented, local artists.

Beach Ball Hall

If you could create your ideal beach day and bring it indoors, what would it be like? Beach Ball Hall brings the perfect beach day to you, complete with a pit of beach balls, rolling waves, and coconut fragrances. Don’t forget to sample a tropical snack.You’ll definitely work up an appetite.

Rafi’s Room

Local artist Rafi Perez created this whole room to take you on a journey to a forest beyond this realm. It’s a mystical menagerie sure to ignite your happy consciousness.


A room to give your imagination space to play.  As you walk through each black and white vignette, you can’t help but feel that you are being taken to another time… but, is it the future? Or, is it the past? Maybe both? This room pays a playful tribute to Pensacola history and 90s-childhood nostalgia (with some out-of-place-and-time objects littered throughout). Be on the lookout for some easter eggs.

Button Board

Curiosity takes the lead when you decide to push that tempting button. Don’t let it hold you back! Push every button and be delighted by what each reveals. Challenge your friends to a fun twist on a traditional tic-tac-toe match or test your own perceptions in the mirror corner.  


Dream Garden

Relax in a hammock and smell the roses, and interact with magical creatures while remembering to not worry- just be happy. You’ll feel fortunate to have the opportunity to find some serenity

Each room was designed to engage the senses. There will be something to touch and taste in every room. Accompanying smells and sounds will transport you to the sights that surround you.



The grand opening to your imagination is November 1.

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