The Happy Art Tour was created to be a place for people in the community to come and explore the creations from local artists. T.H.A.T. continues to create happiness by utilizing hashtags that owner Gabrielle Herman developed. There are three hashtags that not only pack a powerful message, but can be thought of as a lifestyle. Incorporating these hashtags in your life will not only make you happier, but will allow you to see the bigger picture in every situation.


Gabrielle chose this first hashtag because she believed in the message and it is a motto that she strives to live by. The world could use a little more happiness, and using this hashtag will spread more happiness one person at a time.


Gabrielle almost put “vibrant” in the name of the business in place of “happy.” Every time you say the word “vibrant” it requires vibrancy. It is not a subtle word and she believes that everyone should all try to live their lives out loud and with as much vibrancy as our heart desires.


Everyone has a different laugh. Some really full, some are high pitches, and some are happy giggles. Every laugh is unique and can be as drastic as the difference between black and white. This hashtag started off as a silly saying that turned out to have a lively meaning. Always ensure that your laughter is as full of life as you wish.