In March, I was walking to the post office to send out some mail regarding the formation of The Happy Art Tour, LLC and I saw some of Rafi’s pieces. Rafi has an annual “Art Hunt” in downtown Pensacola where he places magnets of small remakes of his art all over town for people to find. I went home and googled him and instantly knew that I wanted him to be involved in my project. His hashtag “#inspireasmile” correlates seamlessly into T.H.A.T. “#spreadhappiness” hashtag.

Making the connection

I reached out and scheduled a studio visit. I arrived at the studio and felt the cozy embrace as I entered. Klee, his wife was sitting making jewelry and Rafi had some pieces on easels. I gave them the vague beginnings of my idea for T.H.A.T, and after 5 minutes, Rafi said he was in. I just remembered Klee chiming in to say that she had been wanting to devise a firefly installation for years and that it could fit perfectly with my garden theme.

A vision comes to life

Since that day in the spring, a lot of my visions were altered. Rafi, Klee, and I encountered different barriers, which caused the plans to shift. Nevertheless, the firefly room is exactly what Klee illustrated, and I am honored that they believed in me and my frivolous concept. Rafi and Klee are such admirable humans and throughout the last 4 months of build-out, have been constant rays of light and motivation.

Be sure to check out Rafi’s #inspireasmile art hunt and his article he curated about T.H.A.T.! We cannot wait for you all to see Rafi’s and Klee’s creations during our Grand Opening on November 1st! Until then, continue to #inspireasmile and #spreadhappiness!

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