The Happy Art Tour is extremely proud to be able to incorporate talented artists from the community. Rachel Eidson is one of our artists that we are elated to have on board, and we think you all are ready to meet this one of a kind self-taught alcohol ink artist!

An Artists Takes on the Business World

Rachel Eidson was born, raised, and currently resides in sunny Northwest Florida with her precious family. From a very young age she enjoyed creating beautiful things. Rachel’s grandmother is an accomplished watercolor and acrylic artist. Her grandmother nurtured her artistic abilities as a child and recognized Rachel’s talent as she grew older. Throughout Rachel’s schooling she dabbled in the arts, even as early as elementary school.

As a newly married young adult, Rachel took a rewarding but high-stress corporate job in the legal field, traveling to and from Florida to Atlanta, Georgia. Rachel excelled and greatly enjoyed the challenge and fast paced environment but did not have time to create.

Back to Her Roots

In 2016, Rachel left the high-stress corporate world due to chronic illness while pregnant with her second child. Following a healthy birth, Rachel began creating, again. Rachel’s grandmother introduced her to alcohol inks and would entertain her daughters so she could paint. Initially, it was just a little time for herself. Being a stay-at-home mom, while very rewarding, seemed to hinder Rachel’s individualism. Rachel was enjoying watching her children develop and achieve milestones but she was missing something. Rachel’s love for alcohol inks continued to grow. In February 2017, Rachel began seriously painting; she bought all the supplies needed and took over the dining room as her studio. She eventually set up a more permanent studio/office in her home. Rachel’s love for alcohol inks turned into a passion. In October 2017, she turned her hobby into a business and began selling her early works at Pensacola’s Palafox Market.

Where You Can Find Her

Rachel currently travels to several events throughout the year while maintaining her flagship spot at Pensacola’s Palafox Market (every other Saturday). Since Rachel’s start, she has taken several online courses and attended online workshops to improve her works and business. For Rachel, painting is a passion, her goal is to share beauty and happiness to others through joyful color and design.

Be sure to book your tickets for the grand opening on November 1st to witness her immaculate work of art. Not only will you be fascinated by the combine elements of masculine geometry with a touch of feminine abstract florals, but you will witness all of the magical art that can be created with alcohol ink!

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