Spreading happiness is more than just putting smiles on people faces. It is about interacting with people from all cultures, cities and backgrounds to deliver a powerful message that will leave a dynamic impact. The Happy Art Tour is a pop-up experience for the reason above and to bring different interactive experiences depending on the culture of the city.   

Owner Gabrielle Herman chose Pensacola, FL as the first location for T.H.A.T. because of the extraordinary culture that Pensacola holds. Calling Pensacola home, she wanted to embrace the local art scene, from the Blue Angels to Pensacon, there is something for everyone here.

The idea for The Happy Art Tour is that every new city will provide the opportunity to connect with local artists to help create new installations and expand the HAPPINESS. By engaging local makers and creatives, we are encompassing the culture within the community. T.H.A.T. Pensacola is very different than any future iteration of the pop-up. We love the unique opportunity starting in a city like Pensacola provided. “The First City”, as it’s known, is home to such diverse artists and we can’t wait to see what the new city will bring.