Dragon’s were slayed. The potions bubbled over the cauldrons.  Our take on quidditch left everyone a winner.  This past weekend we hosted “Happy Hogwarts Holiday” and it was an enchanting experience! Witches, wizards, and muggles alike joined forces to explore and tour T.H.A.T. during this magical event.

The maze of no return led to some mysterious disappearances and some unforgivable curses were cast but a swig of Dragon’s blood and a nibble of Lupin’s curable chocolate revived us all. We had a great time and we hope everyone enjoyed the festivities as our normally bright and vibrant space got a little spooky.

A shout-out to Vinyl Music Hall! Thank you for partnering up with us for your Yule Ball this year. We had so much fun listening to Dumbledore’s Army and partying the night away!

Now that we’re back to our regularly HAPPY selves, we look forward to seeing everyone come out and explore while we’re still here! Remember, tickets are only $10 and it is the best indoor activity in downtown Pensacola!