This past weekend, family and friends gathered to discover what colorful experiences a black a white room can create. They were engulfed in unexpected wonders: the taste of a Dream Forest, the sound of a Firefly oasis, and the giddy feeling that wells up when waiting to see what a mysterious button push will reveal. It was an incredible celebration featuring local artists, Rafi Perez, Klee, and Rachel Eidson who shared their work behind the installations and their interpretations of what it means to be happy.

The evening started off with the founder and owner, Gabrielle Herman, who welcomed and thanked all of her guests for attending this exclusive event. Gabrielle shared her inspiration story for “The Happy Art Tour” and shined light on Rafi Perez, who helped her make a magical dream come true.

Rafi Perez: featured artist and photogenic experimenter.


Rafi explained that “happiness” is at the core of his artistic approach, and T.H.A.T. is what visitors will experience with each exhibit. Before the tour began, Gabrielle commenced the opening with an joyfully emotional ribbon-cutting that kicked off the beginning of our community’s journey to #spreadhappiness, #laughcolorfully, and #livevibrantly.

I just want to express a huge thank you to everyone who made this dream come true.

Without the help from local artists such as Rafi Perez, Rachel Eidson, and Blue Collar Creations, The Happy Art Tour would not have turned out to be this whimsical, magical, colorful, and happy place that it is today!

Each exhibit is sure to knock your socks off, and we cannot wait for you all to join us on our grand opening on November 1, 2018 to kickstart this Holiday season!

Get your tickets online and get ready to #livevibrantly at The Happy Art Tour.

One of many happy reminders.

Bubba’s Sweet Spot gets a pretty sweet shot.

Blank slate for yoga inspiration.

Wait until you see what’s behind the curtain.

A little old-fashioned love.

Lost in the light.

#laughcolorfully and swing together