The Happy Art Tour is not only a small business, but it is a HAPPY one. Supporting the Pensacola community by connecting with the Pensacola community was owner and founder Gabrielle Herman’s main priority when creating T.H.A.T. We connected with locally owned food businesses, artists, construction workers, lawyers, bookkeepers, and electricians to ensure that we were not just locally own, but also locally created. Shopping local is more than just a hashtag to us, it is a motto and that is how we have successfully thrived from word of mouth and positive engagement.

We can continue to thrive by inviting each and every one of you to come and tour the HAPPIEST place in Pensacola, FL during “National Small Business” day this Saturday from 10 am-9 pm. When you book your tickets using the code “SMILE” you will save 20% off of your ticket. Everyone at T.H.A.T. looks forward to seeing all of your beautiful and HAPPY faces during small business Saturday. Be sure to spread the word and tell your friends about the HAPPIEST place in Pensacola!