BIG NEWS! Tickets now $10 through Dec 31

Our first month has been filled with great feedback from visitors on ways we can enhance The Happy Art Tour and bring more joy to our guests. We’ve been updating each room with new elements for people to discover and developing fresh surprises along the way. To share more joy this season, we are HAPPY to announce that The Happy Art Tour ticket prices for the remainder of the year will be just $10!

We’ve received really great first impressions from visitors thus far – they’ve shared happy smiles with us, posted their adventures on social media, and we know we’ve added a spark of brightness to folks’ day when they join us. We’re incredibly grateful for our early visitors – they have given us so much insight and we owe each person a tremendous THANK YOU!

Our goal from the beginning has been to spread happiness by getting as many people in the doors of The Happy Art Tour as we can! So with that, our big news of the day is as follows:

– Ticket price for future visitors is $10 per person – BOOK HERE!

– Previous visitors of The Happy Art Tour can come back to enjoy free entry AND bring two of their friends for free admission – come in with your ID for us to cross-reference with your previous booking and we’ll grant your admission.

We have big hopes for this Happy idea in the future – we want to take it on the road and bring smiles to other destinations. In order to do that, and to do it well, we need as much feedback from our thoughtful Pensacolians as we can gather! We hope you will come join us for a HAPPY moment in December – bring your family, bring your friends, and share your thoughts on how we can make The Happy Art Tour better!